Acknowledgements for Original Text

Many thanks to models, artists, and teachers who have worked with me, and who have provided information and inspiration for this booklet. I particularly thank Jenny McNamara, who has worked with me for almost twenty years, Diane Elliot, the first model who made me recognize that modeling is a profession. Sue Riccobon through whom I learned to match model with material, David Thomas, Don Isenberg, Chelsea Leger (director of ARTLINE), who has reviewed this booklet and co-sponsors my work shops. Norm Kennedy, Donald Davis, Jenny and Christa Coogan, Mary Minard, Bern Loibi, November Belford, Liz Hollander, Lee Baxandall, Stephanie Silvia, David Utecht, Theresa Sinko and many others who have offered suggestions and encouragement. Thanks to Susan Shaftan and Paul Drexel of Hudson Artists at Home and Abroad, for sponsoring publication of this book. Thanks to Marilyn Stefano of Hoboken for word processing the manuscript, to Typeworks of Hoboken for graphic support, and to Minuteman Press of Jersey City for completing final typescript preparation, and for printing. Thanks to Support Services Alliance for allowing reprinting of their insurance program, which appears as Appendix E. Thanks to the Hudson County Division of Cultural and Heritage Affairs (Maurice Fitzgibbons, Director) for encouragement and financial support. Special thanks to my wife, Beth, and to my children: Michael, Benjamin, Caroline, Anna, and Daniel, who have kept me aware, always, that the artist-model relationship, at its finest, is a relationship of love.

Special thanks to my son Michael Kilmer for encouraging me to share this material over the internet and for developing the website on which you are reading it now. Michael is a performing artist and professional web designer and can be reached at