28. Finding Modeling Assignments

A) The easiest way to become a model is to make an appointment with deans or directors of art schools. Bring with you a resume and portfolio, if you have them prepared. If you already know other models, or know artists who work with models, ask them to recommend you.

B) Look in the Yellow Pages for listings under “Art Instruction
and Schools”. Send your resume addressed to “director” with
a cover letter explaining that you do figure modeling, and
offering to call the office the following week, to discuss
possibilities. Call the following week, and try to set up a
portfolio viewing and an interview. Chairpersons of college
and university art departments can be reached the same way.
Some of these people already work with model agencies. If
so, ask for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of
coordinators for these agencies; see if you want to join

Deans and directors are likely to feel that models are a dime a
dozen. They are wrong. Worthwhile people will learn this from your
own preparation, and from your professional approach. When you have
met course instructors, and have worked with them for several
sessions, ask them to recommend you to artists who will be helpful to
you in developing your abilities and increasing the number of good
assignments for you.