19. Types of Poses

A) “Stretched” poses: usually short, (30 seconds to 2 minutes) take unusual shapes, usually feel stretched; used by artists for studies in foreshortening, action, and “character”. These serve well as “warm ups” both for models and for artists, and can offer excitement and variety not possible in longer poses.

B) Moving poses: continuous slow-motion poses from one position to another: used by artists for studies in shape-changing, and for understanding the natural movements of a particular person. Every still pose is, after all, a stop-action piece of a movement. Models can make these poses very interesting indeed.

C) Idealized poses: the kind of poses we expect to find in ancient Greek statues or in Renaissance paintings.

D) Character poses: these poses express moods and emotions.

E) Sport and fashion poses: shapes patterned after photographs and especially drawings you see in magazine and newspaper ads. I group these together because the object in each is “attraction.”

F) Natural pose: a pose you seem comfortable in. It works best if you are comfortable. A “jeans and a tee shirt” type of pose. These are especially appropriate for poses lasting fifteen minutes or longer.