17. Burnout

Models often leave the profession after very few months or
years. As ordinarily practiced, the profession is thankless and
lonely. It is usually better to stop before you get bored and angry
– and then to start again later – than it is to go on until you
simply can’t stand it any longer. Burned-out models, like any other
professionals suffering from burnout, can be harmful, rather than
helpful, to others as well as to themselves. Burnout can often be
remedied, and even prevented; but while it is there it is a real
problem, and needs to be dealt with.

One way to avoid burnout is to develop friendships with artists
or group moderators you work with regularly. Doing this helps
prevent a feeling of drudgery in your work.

If you feel burnout coming on, take a break for a week or two –
even if this offers financial difficulty. You are likely to have a
fresh perspective when you get back to modeling – if you haven’t
waited too long before you took your break.

Find a new setting for modeling, and new artists to work with.
Other suggestions against burnout will come up in sections 30, 31 and